Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Ultra – 99.9% Dust-Free


$20.00 $22.00

Brand Dr. Elsey’s
Item Weight 40 Pounds
Material Clay
Scent Unscented
Target Species Cat
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    About this item

    • PREMIUM QUALITY: A combination of premium texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay for maximum clumping creates litter particles that are just the right size.
    • LOW DUST: Ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies with a 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic litter formulation.
    • HARD CLUMPING: Hard clumping medium grain clay helps prevent moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray and forms hard clumps that won’t break down, making it easier to scoop.
    Weight 40 lbs
    Dimensions 20 × 13 × 5 in